Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. (QIFM) is the Investment Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager for Qwest Funds Corp.’s mutual funds.

The AlphaDelta-branded funds are actively-managed by sub-advisors.

In a marketplace dominated by ETF and index strategies, AlphaDelta and QIFM believe in the value of actively-managed portfolios. AlphaDelta Funds feature modern fee structures, reasonable expense ratios and experienced managers with established performance records.

AlphaDelta Fund Line-Up 

Actively-managed funds are an essential part of a diversified portfolio. However, today’s marketplace is filled with “Closet Indexers,” who charge active management fees even though they’re mostly passive as they track an index. AlphaDelta funds are Actually Active™. Each AlphaDelta fund has a consistently high Active Share™, so our investors who pay active management fees receive true active management.