The modern global marketplace offers opportunities for unique, innovative investment solutions in both established and emerging sectors.

Qwest Investment Management Corp. (Qwest) is a complete financial product solution provider. Our comprehensive services begin with your financial product concept, then take you to product launch and day-to-day back office administration.

We embrace partnerships — emphasizing collaborative relationships, reputations and service.

How We Add Value

Qwest manufactures traditional and innovative investment products.

For over 2 decades, Qwest has successfully manufactured and managed financial products for both ourselves and for financial product issuers in a range of sectors — “Our Product Partners”.

Product Partners work with Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. (QIFM) for our experience and expertise in Investment Fund Management (IFM) and Portfolio Management (PM).

Our approach is comprehensive — starting with your financial product concept, building the product structure, managing the regulatory filings, and providing the day-to-day back office management.

Each Product Partner’s financial product is customized to their business structure and strategic objectives.

QIFM’s portfolio managers have experience and expertise in managing traditional and alternative portfolios.