Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. is the investment fund manager, portfolio manager and exempt market dealer for all of the Probity flow-through limited partnerships.  Mr. Firas Abbasi is the Advising Representative (Portfolio Manager) for the Probity flow-through limited partnerships.

Flow-through limited partnerships are unique investment vehicles that raise capital for Canadian energy and mining companies and provide “flow-through” eligible government tax deductions for Canadian investors.

The Government of Canada and certain provinces provide tax credits for investments in mining companies mining in Canada.  Flow-through limited partnerships allow mining companies to raise capital by issuing flow-through shares which allow Canadian investors to benefit from flow-through tax deductions.

When our flow-through limited partnership is established and our portfolio manager invests in flow-through shares of mining companies, the mining companies then use the capital to incur eligible expenses:

  • Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) and/or
  • Canadian Development Expenses (CDE)

CEE is 100% tax deductible and CDE is 100% deductible on a 30% declining balance tax deduction basis. Mining companies “flow-through” these eligible expenses to the flow-through limited partnerships and in turn to its limited partners.

Flow-through limited partnerships offer limited partners the following:

  • Limited partners can deduct CEE and CDE flow-through expenses from any source of income
  • Reduction of taxable income
  • Experienced portfolio managers managing the flow-through limited partnerships
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential for capital appreciation


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