For more than two decades, Qwest has successfully managed financial products in a range of sectors.

QIFM has the experience and expertise in Investment Fund Management (IFM), Portfolio Management (PM) and Compliance.

Our approach is comprehensive - starting with a financial product concept, building the financial product and managing the day-to-day compliance and back office operations through QIFM and Heritage Bancorp Ltd. respectively.

Each  financial product is customized for key strategic objectives and strategies.

QIFM’s portfolio managers have the experience and expertise in managing traditional and alternative financial products.

Flow Throughs

Flow-Through Limited Partnerships

Flow-through limited partnerships are unique investment vehicles that raise capital for Canadian energy and mining companies and provide “flow-through” eligible government tax deductions for Canadian investors.

The Government of Canada and certain provinces provide tax credits for investments in mining companies mining in Canada.  Flow-through limited partnerships allow mining companies to raise capital by issuing flow-through shares which allow Canadian investors to benefit from flow-through tax deductions.

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Mutual Funds

Qwest Fund Corp's AlphaDelta-branded funds (AlphaDelta Funds) are managed by QIFM and sub-advised by registered portfolio manager firms.

In a marketplace dominated by ETF and index strategies, QIFM believes in the value of actively-managed portfolios.

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Yield Funds

Trust structures are commonly used to provide registered plan eligible investment opportunities for investors. The Qwest Productivity Media Income Trust (QPMIT) raises capital on a monthly basis and subsequently invests in Productivity Media Income Fund I, LP which in turn provides loan financing to Canadian and international film and television producers.

QPMIT’s performance began in mid 2016 and today includes quarterly distributions to its investors.

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Technology Funds

QIFM, working with InvestX Capital, provides investors access to late stage private technology companies.

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Alternative Strategies

QIFM, through the Proof Capital Funds offers access to alternative asset classes that can offer both higher return potential and lower expected volatility relative to opportunities in the traditional public markets.

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Real Estate

Qwest's real estate investments are an asset class that can provide diversity to an overall investment portfolio.

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