Our Investment Products

QIFM has the expertise, experience and track record of launching and managing financial products. Our financial products utilize our Investment Fund Manager (IFM), Portfolio Manager (PM) and Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) registrations.

Investment Product Manufacturing

Our Financial Product Management

Whether its new or existing financial products, our investment fund management, portfolio management, compliance and back office services teams deliver. QIFM also works with various third-party service providers (e.g. SGGG, FundServ, etc.) to ensure our financial products operate successfully.

Our Investment Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager Operations

QIFM has IFM, PM and EMD registrations in multiple Canadian jurisdictions. As an IFM, QIFM manages detailed aspects of our financial products day-to-day investment fund management needs.

Some of our financial products require a registered Portfolio Manager to undertake the portfolio management responsibilities. QIFM and our portfolio managers focus on executing on the products' investment objectives, strategies and overall management needs.

Investment Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager Services
Back Office and Administrative Services

Our Back Office and Administrative Operations

Heritage Bancorp Ltd. (Heritage) and Qwest Fund Advisory and Back Office Services (QFABS) provide back office fund accounting, advisory and administration for our financial products.

  • Managing full-cycle fund activities of the fund administrator involving equity classes setup, issue costs, NAVs, financial reporting, taxation (T2, T3, T5013), HST, management fees, performance fees and distributions.
  • Leading year-end financial statements audit processes with our auditors.
  • Transaction-based IFRS technical accounting advisory services, accounting policies, NAV policies and position papers.
  • Financial products setup advisory services assessment.
  • Administering Fundserv codes for our mutual funds, flow-through funds, private securities funds, REITs, alternative products and other financial product types.

Our Compliance Operations

QIFM takes its compliance responsibilities seriously. Our industry is highly regulated and everyone at QIFM has a role in our overall compliance operations.

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